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Dominica YANG

Providing quality art education has been part of the mandate of the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) since its establishment in 1977. Over the past 43 years, we have witnessed the development of a humble education department that provided art courses for leisure to an officially registered art school that offers accredited art degree programmes and the undivided attention and devotion of our colleagues which made what the Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) is today.

In the last 20 years HKAS has played a notable role in grooming generations of art talents in Hong Kong and proudly our graduates have made their mark at home and internationally. HKAS is more than just a school but a community and family of creativity in which our students and teachers bond without boundaries – a true embodiment of the spirit of “Art for All”.

I would like to congratulate and applaud our generations of School Council members and staff for their dedication and diligence, without whom we would not be celebrating the 20th anniversary of HKAS today. I would like to give our special thanks to Ms. Winnie CHIU, our current Chairman of the School Council, whose leadership and dedication have taken HKAS to new heights. Last but not least, my most sincere gratitude to all patrons, donors, sponsors and collaborators for their tremendous support to our art education. Together we shall embark on another twenty years of exciting journey in art.


香港藝術學院在過去二十年間,在培育藝術人才方面扮演着重要的角色,我們的畢業生在本地和國際上都獲得驕人的成就。香港藝術學院不只是一所學院,它更是一個集合創造力的社區和大家庭。我們的學生和老師之間的連繫無間,真正體現出「Art for All」的精神。


Winnie CHIU 邱詠筠

Art has the power to bring people together – to inspire, comfort, share, unite and connect. These are all things that matter more than ever during this difficult time. While all of us have felt the effects of this global pandemic, artists and art institutions across the world have been out of employment and income for months.

And yet art and creativity has still been flourishing. It has spread hope and made us more resilient. There are artists donating their talents to show their support and love for those on the frontline and neighbours in lockdown have sang to each other from their balconies and rooftops. Art has been used in creative ways to share and spread health guidelines and even GIFs and stickers to connect us and remind us all that we’re in this together.

Twenty years ago, the Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) was established as the education arm of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, which has always believed in the integral part art plays in life. All of our professional and formal Fine Art degrees are offered in parallel with art enrichment programmes to highlight how art operates in the everyday ‘real world’ setting.

In these twenty years, we have nurtured some of Hong Kong’s best art talent and helped to foster a greater appreciation of art within the general public of Hong Kong which in turn has inspired many young people to believe that they can pursue a career and life through art.

I commend the dedication and hard-work of the generations of School Directors, we have been lucky to have at HKAS. It is no easy task to run a self-financed art education institution in Hong Kong, yet their passion and determination have truly allowed us to fulfil our mandate. For this I would like to thank our current Acting School Director, Mr. Kurt CHAN, who has brought the School to a new level. His dual role as both a renowned artist and art educator enables him to bring new insight to HKAS along with a brand-new Professional Art Studies series which further emphasises the connectedness of art within all walks of life.

It is truly my honour to be able to serve this unique institution and I hereby express my most heartfelt thanks to our loyal HKAS team for their contributions. HKAS is Hong Kong’s only self-financed art school and now more than ever we need the continued support from the Hong Kong society to carry on with this meaningful venture. I believe that in the next twenty years, HKAS will make even greater contributions to Hong Kong.






能夠爲這間獨特的機構效力,我深感榮幸。在此,我衷心感謝香港藝術學院全體職員的貢獻。 香港藝術學院是香港唯一一所自負盈虧的藝術教育機構,現在我們比以往任何時候都更需要香港社會持續的支持,讓學院能夠持續發展。我相信在未來二十年,香港藝術學院會為香港作出更大的貢獻。














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